Height Increase Surgery: To increase the length by 5 inches, this person did dangerous surgery, spent crores of rupees

America News: A man in America whose height was 5 feet 5 inches, felt that he was less tall, so he wanted to be 5 inches taller. He tried many methods, which did not work. Then he resorted to a painful surgery to increase the length of both his legs, which cost Rs 1.35 crore.

According to The Cosmetic Lane, the man’s name is Moses Gibson. His age is 41 years. He lives in Minnesota, USA. He wanted that like tall men, he too could enjoy his dating life. To increase his height by five inches, he underwent a surgery, which cost $ 1,70,000 (about Rs 1.35 crore). She told that she had tried many other things including medicine and spiritual healing to increase her height.

‘Wanted to enjoy dating tall men’
Gibson told Kennedy News & Media, "I was not feeling good about my height of 5 feet 5 inches. Whenever I used to think about it, I used to get sad because in general women like tall men so my height was hindering me in my dating." 

‘I used to put things in my shoes to look tall’
Gibson said, "I used to put many things in my shoes to gain a little height, but it didn’t make much difference." Gibson told that he also took many such pills, which are claimed to increase the height. And also met a spiritual healer, who told him that he could increase his height if he set his mind right, but when both the remedies failed, Gibson decided to undergo an expensive surgery. It is said about that surgery that it makes a man’s legs longer.

Grown 3 inches in first surgery
According to Gibson, "I raised $75,000 for the surgery over the course of three years working as a software engineer and Uber driver. It all started in 2016, then I found that my height has increased by 3 inches.

Moses Gibson spent 170k on 2 height lengthening surgeries after being subjected to heightism for being 5’5!

He said he long struggled to get a girlfriend due to his 5-foot-5-inch frame, initially turning to medication and a “spiritual healer” to try to increase his height… He… pic.twitter.com/HqoTcUyCZR

— The Cosmetic Lane (@TheCosmeticLane) April 12, 2023

He said, "After the first procedure, I started feeling happy to some extent, but it was always in my mind that I would do the second procedure as well." He said, "I am a person who tries to reach heights. I had money and I wanted to use it to fulfill my dreams."

Spent $98,000 for a second surgery
Gibson further revealed that in the month of March, he&zwj spent $98,000 for a second surgery to increase his height by another 2 inches. However, this surgery proved to be very painful. Bone was pulled in this, and this remedy is also dangerous. He said that even then I am ready to take the risk and I will be happy only if I have a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He even said that if my body would make up for my 5-foot-11-inch height, that would be even better!"

Still no regrets!
Thus going through the pain and the huge expense, Gibson has no regrets about trying to increase his height even at the age of 41.

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