Heart Health: Seeing someone makes the heart beat faster, it is not just love, there is a simple science behind it, understand this way

Interesting Fact Related To Heart:  You must have heard two things related to heart from the mouth of many people. Saying ‘Oh, my heart stopped beating when something happened suddenly.’ Or feeling the heart beating fast on seeing someone special. Have you ever felt like this in real life? If you have felt then believe that these things related to the heart are not filmy but absolutely true and also scientifically proven. Let us tell you what is the science behind the fast beating of the heart or the stopping of the heartbeat for a moment.
Why does the heart beat fast?
There is a deep connection between your emotions and your heart. You feel scared, love someone or are very excited about something. Your heartbeat is affected in every condition. In easy language, understand in this way that you have become a part of a competition. Before the start of the competition, your heart starts thumping loudly. This means that the productive mechanism of the heart has been activated. Who are ready to give you the best output. Because of which you can work to the best of your abilities.
What is the reason?
This effect occurs on the heart due to the intense sympathetic discharge. Due to this discharge, special types of hormones are activated which are called Catecholamines. These hormones have a direct effect on the heart beat and speed. Your triggering or increased heart rate is all because of this. 
heart failure
It’s just a matter of a moment. Stopping the heartbeat for a long time is a danger to life, but if it stops for a moment, its science is different. Premature ventricular contractions occur when certain and very intense hormones increase in the body. When these contractions come in place of the pacemaker cell that gives the electrical signal to the heart, it interferes with the next heartbeat. Because of which pause comes. And the heart is filled with more blood. After this, the beat that comes, then the volume of blood becomes more. This whole process looks as if the heart has stopped beating for a second.
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