कानों को रखना है हमेशा हेल्दी, 7 चीजों को करें डाइट में शामिल, नहीं कम होगी सुनने की कैपिसिटी

Diet for Healthy Ear at Home: Along with taking special care of health, it is also necessary to take care of ears. Although most people ignore the ear care routine. But do you know that eating can also improve the health of the ears. By including some things in the diet, you can not only keep the ears healthy but also improve the hearing capacity. In fact, to keep the ears healthy, people often get the ears cleaned from time to time. At the same time, many people also put oil or ear drops in the ears. But just this is not enough for ear care. Therefore, according to OnlyMyHealth, we are going to tell you some health tips, by following which you can keep your ears healthy.

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