Have you ever thought that paneer water is also of great use… This problem of the skin goes away, use it like this

Paneer Water For Glowing Skin:  You all must be eating paneer curry with great fervor.  If there is any family function in any house, more than one recipe of paneer is prepared. Without this, the food is considered incomplete. Along with taste, it also has many health benefits. But do you know that the skin can also be improved with paneer. Yes, you can nourish the skin with the remaining water of paneer. It can add beauty to your beauty. Helps in removing tanning, spots, pimples and acne. So let’s know how you can use paneer water for skin care.

How to use paneer water

On face To apply paneer water, you can apply it by mixing it in toner, moisturizer and face pack. Or you can use it by making a toner.

How to make paneer water toner

If you buy expensive toners from the market and apply If you have, you can apply a toner in its place by making water from cottage cheese. We are telling you the complete process to make it.

How to make toner

  • Three to four teaspoons of cheese water
  • Alovera gel one spoon
  • Saffron threads one to two pieces


  • Mix cottage cheese water and aloe vera gel well in a small bowl.
  • Put saffron threads in this mixture and keep it for a while.
  • Now fill it in a spray bottle and Store in the fridge.
  • Your paneer water toner is ready.
  • You can now use it on the skin.
  • If you wish It can be used on the face by applying it on cotton balls.

Apply cottage cheese water face pack for glowing skin


  • Paneer water two to three teaspoons
  • Honey one teaspoon
  • One big piece of paneer
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    • First take a piece of paneer and grate it.
    • Now add some paneer in it. Add water and honey and mix.
    • Make a thick paste by mixing all the things.
    • Now apply this paste on the face and neck like a face pack.
    • After 15 to 20 minutes when the face pack gets dry, wash the face with normal water.


      < li>Paneer water contains many nutrients that nourish the skin.
    • Cleanses the skin from inside, due to which you get rid of acne, pimples and wrinkles.
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    • If your skin is dry then it will moisturize your skin and will give moisture to the skin.
    • Many types of micronutrients are found in cheese water which can help in removing skin tanning.

    Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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