Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein… Nayi kahani naya safar (Part 20)

The senior doctor left and Ashwini was left alone wonder what she could do to stop Sai from leaving the camp. She called up Virat and asked him to text her Barkha’s house address as she needed to go there urgently.  Virat not understanding why Ashwini asked about Barkha’s address quickly sent her the address . Ashwini left for Barkha’s house.  On reaching Barkha’s house , Ashwini quickly walked to the door and rang the bell but surprisingly none opened the door.  A little while Ashwini noticed that the house door was locked . She was disappointed.  Just as she was about to leave …she heard indistinct voices coming from the garden . She walked to the garden and was surprised seeing Usha and Barkha chatting away happily. She cleared her throat to gain attention of the 2 ladies. Barkha and Usha turned back and were shocked to see Ashwini. 

Ashwini walked upto them and sat on the bench nearby. Both Usha and Barkha were pissed looking at her. Usha in a cold tone asked her why had she come and what did she want. Ashwini felt bad hearing the time with which Usha spoke to her but nonetheless realized that she was facing the consequences of her bad deeds.Ashwini smiled and told that she had come to apologise to Usha and Sai and wanted to make Sai her son’s wife again.  Hearing this Usha and Barkha were shocked …..they knew that Sai had come out of her past with a lot of difficulty and again pushing her back to the past meant inviting trouble. Usha then spoke and said that Sai would never agree and would take a lot of time to make the decision.  Ashwini then requested Usha and Barkha to make Sai accept Virat by hook or crook to which the two women strongly refused and asked Ashwini to leave . Ashwini had no choice but to leave.

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