G-20 in Kashmir: Amit Shah implemented PM Modi’s vision on Kashmir – Pak upset, world shocked!

Recently Naya Kashmir welcomed 60 delegates from 27 countries for the G-20 meeting, and during these three days ideas, diplomacy as well as music, dance and natural philosophy went on. Foreign guests got a chance to see the beauty and culture of Kashmir closely for three days. Shikara tours on the famous Dal Lake, cultural events, local handicraft bazaars and the pleasure of interacting with the locals while walking through Srinagar’s famous gardens, as well as playing some golf. G-20 delegates believe that they are very impressed by the beauty and hospitality of Kashmir and this visit will be memorable, which they will never forget.

Big success of security forces and central government
The meeting, held amid growing security challenges, came as a major breakthrough for the Government of India, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, and the security forces. And abolished Article 370 from Kashmir, and after that Home Minister Amit Shah made arrangements by adopting the policy of zero tolerance on the issue of security. Laws were strictly followed, security agencies were equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, strict action was taken on terrorism and efforts were made to connect the youth with the mainstream by overcoming radicalism, which seem to be successful. After the abrogation of Article 370, the impact of the policies of the Center also showed and the incidents of terrorism declined by 32 percent during 2019-22 as compared to 2016-19, and the martyrdom of the security forces registered a decline of 52 percent. Civilian deaths also declined by 14 per cent during the same period.

Apart from this, the central government also made a lot of efforts for the development of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. Tourism Policy 2020 was notified, after which more than 80 lakh tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in the first six months. 22 lakh tourists came here in May 2022, which is the highest figure ever recorded. Along with this, the Prime Minister also approved 63 projects worth Rs 80,000 crore for Jammu and Kashmir. Work is going on on 53 projects worth 58,477 crores, and 29 projects are on the verge of completion.

Will the travel advisory against Kashmir be removed now?

Speaking to NDTV during the G-20 meeting, South Korean Ambassador Chang J. Bock said that Kashmir is heaven on earth. Talking to the media, he said that western countries should consider improving their travel advisory regarding Kashmir.

Bock said, “Kashmir is heaven on earth… Hopefully, more films will be made here and Kashmir will be more prosperous… There are many restrictions on coming here, yet you can come here and enjoy the beauty.” Are…”

This grand event has also created new hope among the local people. The ease with which the G-20 meeting took place, and the way the world watched it, will make Kashmir emerge as an attractive and safe tourist destination and the local people will get an opportunity to show their rich handicrafts to the world.

Mustafa Kadvi has been one of the organizers of the exquisite Kashmir Arts and Crafts exhibition during the G-20 meeting. He says that the visiting guests were impressed by the beauty of the area and their handicrafts. He hopes that after this successful meeting, it will help in removing the travel advisory issued by many western countries against going to Kashmir.

Tourists have reached Kashmir in record numbers
The central government says that in the last one year, 1.88 crore tourists came to Jammu and Kashmir, but most of them were going to Vaishno Devi, and only 26 lakh reached the valley for a walk. This year this number is expected to cross two crores. Apoorva Chandra, Secretary, Department of Information and Broadcasting, says, “The number of people who are coming to visit Kashmir this time is a record level… Last year, 1.88 crore tourists from across the country reached Jammu and Kashmir and about 26 lakh tourists visited the Kashmir Valley.” , which is a record figure… This has never happened before…”

Kashmir is more beautiful than Davos: G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant

G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant says, “The potential that is in Kashmir is nowhere else… I have been to Davos many times, but Kashmir is more beautiful than Davos… Maximum job creation here Tourism will emerge from the sector itself, and whatever the government is doing for this, tourism will take it forward… The same discussion has taken place in the G-20…”

Strong message has been sent to Pakistan
The successful organization of this G-20 meeting also sent a strong message to Pakistan, which repeatedly raised the issue of Kashmir, and countries like China and Turkey, which supported it, and stayed away from the meeting itself. Recently, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had commented on the G-20 meeting itself, due to which his anger was clearly visible. He termed the organization of the G-20 meeting in Kashmir as a violation of international laws. In response to his statement, Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar made a strong comment saying, “They (Pakistan) have nothing to do with the G-20… They, in fact, have nothing to do with Kashmir and Srinagar… They don’t care about Should answer as to when they will vacate the illegally occupied parts of Jammu and Kashmir.”

This meeting of G-20 is a strong confirmation of the return of peace and prosperity in Kashmir from the side of global players. This meeting of G-20 is being considered as a big success for the government and Brand Kashmir. Due to this the message has gone to the whole world that Kashmir is peaceful and any international event can be organized here. Security arrangements could not have been better than this, and people associated with the tourism industry say that this meeting has convinced them that now tourists from all over the world will turn to Kashmir.

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