From Raj Kapoor’s friendship to Shahrukh Khan’s attachment, you must not have seen these 75 pictures of Dilip Kumar, you will be heartbroken after seeing PICS

A king of tragedy and one of Bollywood’s biggest and first show man. The king of tragedy i.e. Dilip Kumar and the show man i.e. Raj Kapoor. It is said that when two giants are together, creative differences come to the fore. But the level of friendship between Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor was different. These two veteran actors rarely appeared together on the film screen, but behind the scenes there was a great friendship. Some rare pics of Dilip Kumar are viral on YouTube. There are some funny moments of friendship of both of them.

There is another special moment in which Dilip Kumar is seen in a beautiful style with his love Saira Banu. Seeing which it seems that Dilip Saheb is giving flowers to Saira Banu after marriage.

such was friendship

The stories of friendship between Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor are very famous. It is said that both were very good friends. The friendship of both of them since childhood was so much that Dilip Saheb used to call Raj Kapoor as Lale’s life. Many moments of this friendship are captured in this video. Friendship of both and some beautiful moments are seen in the playground. So in some film functions, the camaraderie of both is seen. Not only this, Raj Kapoor is seen standing at the forefront even in Dilip Kumar’s marriage.

rift in friendship

These pictures are the witness of friendship. But, there are stories that the friendship between the two was broken after a while. In the film world, both did not like each other’s company for a long time. Both worked together in only one film style and never appeared together again. However, Dilip Kumar was present in front of Raj Kapoor at his last moment. As soon as he heard about Raj Kapoor’s health, Dilip Kumar came to meet his son, forgetting all his grievances. It is also said that Raj Kapoor also held on to life until Dilip Saheb reached him.

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