Follow these tips to prevent curd from turning sour in summer, freshness will remain for many days

The temperature is rising across the country and summer is slowly reaching its peak. Due to this torture of summer, the food items start getting spoiled within a few hours. In such a situation, it is very important to store them properly. Eating curd in summer is very beneficial, but due to high temperature, curd often turns sour in summer. But by adopting some tips, you can prevent curd from turning sour, let’s know about it.

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Effective tips to prevent curd from turning sour

store in the fridge

Night is the most perfect time to set the curd. You put some curd in lukewarm milk at night and freeze it. In the morning, pick up the utensil containing curd and keep it in the fridge, this will thicken the curd and keeping it in the fridge will not make it sour.

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Choose the Right Yogurt Pot

It is better to store curd in an earthen pot instead of storing it in a steel or any other metal vessel. When stored in an earthen vessel, it absorbs the water of the curd and the curd sets very well. After it is frozen, keep it in a cool place.

Right temperature for curd

Yogurt needs a warm environment to set, that is, when you are setting the curd, you have to keep it in a warm temperature, but when the curd is set, do not leave it in heat at all. After freezing, keep it in a cool room, it will not turn sour.

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