Vitamin D is a precious diamond for health, like nectar in protecting against many diseases, know how to fulfill it

Vitamin D and Health: Although a person needs all kinds of vitamins to stay alive, but if any one vitamin is most important then it is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is like nectar for us. Vitamin D protects us from many diseases. Especially reduces many risks related to heart disease. Due to vitamin D, absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body is possible. That is, vitamin D strengthens the bones and strengthens the muscles. Vitamin D participates in at least a hundred different functions. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight, but many other things also contain vitamin D. If Vitamin D is in sufficient quantity in the body, it increases good cholesterol and eliminates bad cholesterol. According to Harvard Medical Research, Vitamin D does not allow cancer cells to flourish in the body. Vitamin D cannot be made by the body itself. We get most of the vitamin D from sunlight but some food also absorbs vitamin D.

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