Fierce weakness has come in the nerves? Bring life back to it with these 5 things, Vitamin B12 will be replenished immediately

Vitamin B 12 Food Sources: Some people often complain of fatigue and weakness. Even the nerves start getting weak due to which nothing can be done. If there is no strength in the hand, then it should be understood that the nerves are getting weak. Many reasons are responsible for fatigue and weakness, but vitamin B12 deficiency is mainly responsible for this. According to experts, most of the people in India are deficient in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 activates the function of the central nervous system and creates healthy red blood cells. Synthesis of DNA takes place due to Vitamin B12. Due to deficiency of vitamin B12, there is a deficiency of RBC in the blood, due to which anemia is a disease. That is, if there is a deficiency of vitamin B12, then less RBC will reach in the veins due to which less oxygen starts reaching there. In this situation, the nerves also start getting weak. In such a situation, it will be beneficial to consume some food in a natural way for the weakness of the nerves.

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