Do not consume these 4 things even by mistake in thyroid problem, otherwise even medicine will not work, becoming a mother will be a problem

Worst Foods for Thyroid: Thyroid is a very important gland for our body, from which thyroxine hormone is released. This hormone is so important that its deficiency is also a disease and its excess is also a disease. In both the situations, a person has to face a lot of problems. Due to thyroid disease, there is a lot of pain in the muscles. Along with this, other problems like joint pain, dry skin, hair thinning, obesity, irregular periods, fertility problems, slow heart rate, depression etc. start to occur. Thyroid problems are more common in women. Due to thyroid, women have difficulty in becoming a mother. According to the Cleveland Clinic, no food can help in eliminating the thyroid problem, but there are many foods that can increase the thyroid problem if consumed. That’s why if there is thyroid, especially women, then they should not consume these things even by mistake.

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