Finish off all the opposition by locking them in the gas chamber and…. RJD on CBI summons to Kejriwal

Manoj Jha on CBI Summons to CM Kejriwal: Delhi’s new excise policy scam case seems to be increasing the troubles for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has summoned CM Kejriwal for questioning on Sunday (April 16).

To all opposition leaders… – Manoj Jha

Manoj Jha said, CBI has started working according to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Attacking the Modi government in a strong manner, he said, kill all the opposition leaders by locking them in the gas chamber, but the roads will rise which you will not be able to bear.

Manoj Kumar shared several videos related to this matter on his Twitter account. Manoj Jha wrote on this video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone berserk. The world’s most corrupt party BJP is targeting all opposition leaders by misusing investigative agencies. 

PM, HM should now shut all Opposition in a gas chamber. Don’t allow any resistance and you remain a dictator. You are doing this because you know you are losing… Question is on Adani and PM is trying to put a lid on it: @manojkjhadu on CBI summons to Kejriwal @DeccanHerald

— Shemin (@shemin_joy) April 14, 2023

"text-align: justify;">Only opposition houses are visible… – Manoj Jha

Manoj says in the video, the investigating agencies now only see the houses of the opposition. The central government is acting like a dictator. He further said, your end is very near. Actually, former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia is in jail in the liquor scam case and now CBI has summoned CM Kejriwal on April 16 at 11 am. On this matter, AAP leader Sanjay Singh also surrounded PM Modi and the central government and said, CM Kejriwal is not going to be afraid of this notice of CBI. 

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