When the stars started hating Rekha after her husband’s death, some called ‘witch’ and some said stigma on the industry

Subhash Ghai And Anupam Kher On Rekha: Rekha is one of the biggest actresses in the film industry. Along with this, there are many such unresolved secrets in his life which have not been resolved till date. Rekha’s husband Mukesh Aggarwal’s suicide is one of them. For which somewhere Rekha is held responsible. However, it is mentioned in Rekha’s biography that Mukesh had a mental illness which he kept hidden from the world.

Rekha also came to know about this after marriage. Apart from this, the news of Rekha’s relationship with Amitabh Bachchan also made a lot of headlines. After which many people started hating Rekha. Some of them also include the names of film industry stars. 

Subhash Ghai called Rekha a stigma on the industry
Filmmaker Subhash Ghai has called Rekha a stigma on the film industry. In an interview, he had said, ‘Rekha has put such a stigma on the face of the film industry that it will be difficult to wash it off easily. I think after this any respectable family will think twice before accepting any actress as their daughter-in-law. It is going to be difficult for him professionally as well. No good director will work with him again. How will the audience accept her as India’s woman or goddess of justice?

Anupam Kher had called Rekha a national villain
Anupam Kher had also scolded Rekha for being a national villain. According to the report of Bollywood Shaadis, once Anupam Kher had said in an interview, ‘She has become a national villain. Professionally and personally, I think it’s a curtain for him. I mean I don’t know how I will react if I come face to face with him.’

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