Used to bathe with milk, used to sleep on roses… Ravi Kishan went ‘crazy’ when he got stardom, know who broke his pride

Ravi Kishan Used To Take Bath With Milk: Ravi Kishan has made his identity from Hindi cinema to Bhojpuri and South film industry on the basis of his ability. Even though he started his career with Hindi films, Bhojpuri cinema gave him recognition. In such a situation, when Ravi Kishan returned to Mumbai, he became proud of being a superstar. During this, the actor did some such things that he is sad till today. One of these is the demand made on the sets for the shooting of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. Hearing this, Anurag Kashyap showed Ravi the way out of the film and cast another actor. After this, Ravi Kishan got a tough lesson. The actor himself confessed that he had gone ‘pagla’.

Ravi Kishan had demanded a bath with 25 liters of milk daily and a bed of rose petals
Anurag Kashyap had revealed in an interview that earlier in Gangs of Wasseypur, Ravi Kishan had to be cast. But he demanded 25 liters of milk on the sets for his bath and a bed of rose petals to sleep on. On hearing this, Anurag Kashyap showed Ravi Kishan the way out of the film.

Ravi Kishan confessed to sleeping on a bed of rose petals
When Ravi Kishan reached AAP’s court, he was asked whether he really used to bathe with milk and used to sleep on rose petals. While sleeping on the bed, he told, "I used to take bath with milk and used to sleep on rose petals. I used to feel that I am an actor. And all this is very important. When people start showing you films of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. And they say that these actors used to do this. you do too Showed ‘Godfather’ 500 times. And I am the artist of Desi Breed. Well, all these dramas were done. This creates atmosphere. I used to think that if I go after taking a bath with milk, then there will be a discussion that he takes a bath with milk."

This is how the pride of the actor was broken
Ravi Kishan further said, "We were not taken in the film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. Said, who will bring 25 liters of milk daily and who will bathe. They don’t take pictures better than this. I also had a loss. Then left it all. Suddenly when you come from poverty and get something. This dazzling and Mayanagari of Bombay is very big. It doesn’t take time to drive you crazy. Bombay can make you mad in no time. Money is pouring in from everywhere. People are taking photos wherever they are going. I had just become a superstar. Was a little crazy."

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