Tiger 3 Advance Booking Day 10: The condition of ‘Tiger 3’ is very bad at the box office, now the decreasing earnings of the film in advance booking have increased the tension, know – report of the 10th day.

Tiger 3 Advance Booking Report Day 10: ‘Tiger 3’ was released in theaters with a lot of expectations on November 12 on the occasion of Diwali. salman khan and Katrina Kaif starrer this film had a strong opening at the box office with earnings of more than Rs 44 crore. After this, the film’s earnings kept increasing and within a week it collected more than Rs. 200 crores. However, the film is doing very less business since the second Sunday. On the second Sunday, ‘Tiger 3’ collected only Rs 10.5 crore. That second Monday was another big shock. Actually, Salman Khan’s film collected only Rs 7.18 crore on the second Monday. There  There is a huge decline in the earnings even in the advance booking of the film, which is giving sleepless nights to the makers. Let us know here how much advance booking has been done by ‘Tiger 3’ on the 10th day.

How much advance booking has been done by ‘Tiger 3’ on the 10th day. Booking done?
Salman Khan action packed thriller film  23 crores were collected in advance booking for the first day. After this, by the 5th day, there was a huge decline in advance booking earnings and it was reduced to just Rs 4-5 crores. According to the report of Saknilk, ‘Tiger 3’ had earned only Rs 4.28 crore in the advance booking collection of the fifth day. And the advance booking report of the film on the 10th day is going to increase the tension further. According to Koimoi report, on the 10th day, Tiger 3 has added only Rs 1.15 crore gross (except block seats) to its advance booking collection. This is about 24% less than yesterday’s total of Rs 1.51 crore (except block seats).

Tiger 3′has earned every Days are decreasing
It is noteworthy that the speed of earning of films decreases on weekdays, but such a big difference is not seen and that too for a big film like Tiger Threequel. Interestingly, as Pathan in Tiger 3 Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan as Kabir in War have also made cameos which are enough to take the audience to the theatres, even if the content is not good. Despite this, the earnings of ‘Tiger 3’ continue to decline. Amidst all this, film critic Sumit Kadil has made a shocking claim. Sumit has written in his post on social media that leave alone crossing the worldwide figure of Rs 500 crore for ‘Tiger 3’, it is finding it difficult to even earn Rs 300 crore net in India.

Let us tell you that Manish. ‘Tiger 3’ directed by Sharma was released on the big screen on 12 November 2023. 

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