Richest Wedding: The bride was laden with heroes, the pavilion was decorated like a palace, knowing about this very expensive marriage of 55 crores will boggle your mind

Aarti Pillai Marriage: You must have seen more than one marriage from Bollywood to businessman. But today we are going to tell you about such a marriage which is discussed even after years. This is none other than the marriage of Aarti Pillai, daughter of India’s famous businessman Ravi Pillai. The one who saw only one word came out of his mouth..’Wow’. 55 crores were spent in this grand wedding that took place on November 26, 2015. Aarthi Pillai was married to Aditya Vishu, who lives in Kollam, Kerala. Which was so magnificent and grand that even today people praise everything about it. 

30 thousand guests came from 42 countries

Happened with Aditya Vishu, who lives in Kollam, Kerala. In which guests from the country as well as abroad participated. 30 thousand guests attended this luxurious wedding. In which the CEOs of Samsung and Japan Gas Corporation were also included. The Royal Family of Qatar had also come to attend this special function.

Rs 55 crores were spent

11 types of payasam and delicious traditional dishes were kept in this luxurious wedding. Along with this, many artists of South including Bollywood entertained the guest with their performance in this wedding. Ravi Pillai had spent money like water in this marriage. A total of 55 crore rupees were spent in this entire marriage. Which was considered the biggest wedding of Kerala. From Mammootty to many Bollywood and South stars were involved in this marriage.

The pavilion was built in 20 crores

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