Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 2: Christopher Nolen’s film moving fast, broke its own record on the second day

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 2: Christopher Nolen starrer film Oppenheimer is witnessing tremendous craze in India. Where on the very first day this film left behind the Hollywood film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ in terms of earning records, now the film’s earnings have been tremendous on the second day as well. 

2nd Day Earnings
While the film earned Rs 13.50 crores at the box office on the first day, the film has collected Rs 17 crores on the second day as per the early trade report of SacNilk. The film had broken the records of Mission Impossible 7 and Fast X at the box office on its very first day. After which this film has become the highest grossing Hollywood film of this year. The film is continuously getting a good response from the audience, seeing which it seems that the earnings of this film are going to be good in future as well. At the same time, the strong acting of Christopher Nolen is being seen in this film.

What is the story of the film
‘Oppenheimer’ is a biographical drama. Which is based on the life of ‘J Robert Oppenheimer’, the father of the atomic bomb. This film tells about Oppenheimer’s first nuclear test ‘Trinity’. Contains an interesting description of the events before and after the trial.

During World War II, Japan was attacked with atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Which was done by America. Many people had to lose their lives in this attack, as well as it took many years for Japan to recover from this attack. This film takes a part of it and shows how one human desire can lead to the destruction of human life.

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