Nayantara: Did Nayantara become a Hindu for love? Learn such secrets that will surprise you

Nayantara Unknown Facts: Shahrukh Khan‘s film ‘Jawan’ has knocked worldwide on 7th September. The film has created panic across the country with advance booking, but along with it the entire star cast of the film has also remained in the headlines. The film’s star actress Nayantara is also included in this list. Alam is that Nayantara’s personal life to love life has come in the discussion. Come, we are introducing you to such answers related to Nayantara’s life, questions related to which probably keep roaming in your mind too. 

Nayantara never wanted to become an actress

Born in Bangalore, Karnataka, Nayantara does not need any introduction. Her real name is Diana Mariam Kurian and she belonged to Christian religion. Actually, she was born in a  Christian family and grew up as a Syrian Christian. You will be surprised to know that Nayantara never wanted to become an actress. She wanted to pursue her career as a Chartered Accountant. After some time she started working as a model, where she was noticed by director Anthikkad. After this, with the promise of doing only one film, Nayantara started such a journey, which included her in the list of top actresses. Please tell that Diana kept her screen name Nayantara to work in films.

Is Nayanthara a Hindu?

Questions are often asked about Nayantara’s religion. It is said that Nayantara has converted to Hinduism. Let us introduce you to the reality. It so happened that during the year 2011, Nayantara converted to Hinduism in an Arya Samaj temple in Chennai. He converted to religion by following the Vedic purification process ‘Shuddhi Karma’. Please tell that Nayantara also has a certificate of adopting Hinduism. In this matter Nayantara had said that yes I have adopted Hinduism and it is a personal choice. 

Why did Nayantara change religion?

Often the question arises that why did Nayantara convert to religion? It is claimed in many media reports that Nayantara had decided to change her religion after being forced by love. It is said that Nayantara was in a relationship with actor-director Prabhudeva. Both wanted to tie the knot, but Prabhudeva was already married. Their love blossomed to such an extent that during the year 2009, both of them started living in live-in. After this Prabhudeva’s wife Latha threatened that if Nayantara and her husband got married, she would go on hunger strike. Nayantara and Prabhudheva separated forever in the year 2012, seeing the growing pressure from all sides. It is said that Nayanthara changed her religion for Prabhudheva, but the purpose of taking this step was not served. 

Is Nayanthara Malayali or Tamil?

Nayantara is often seen entangled in the question arising about regionalism. Actually, he was born in Karnataka. In such a situation, people consider him Tamilian, whereas it is not so. Actually, Nayantara was born in a Malayali Nasrani family i.e. Syrian Christian Family. In this case, she is considered a Malayali and not a Tamil.

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