Mahira Khan is suffering from bipolar disorder, said – Raees triggered, taking medicines for 6-7 years

Mahira Khan Bipolar Disorder: Mahira Khan is a popular actress from Pakistan. He has given more than one show. Fans like his shows a lot. People give a lot of love to Mahira in India too. Mahira worked with Shah Rukh Khan in the film Raees. She was the lead actress in the film. However, the film was poorly received by the fans and the movie did average business. 

Now the actress told in an interview that she is suffering from bipolar disorder. This disease emerged when Pakistani actors were banned from working in India after the Uri attack in 2016.

Mahira has been taking medicines for 6-7 years 

In the FYY podcast, Mahira mentioned that she has been taking medicines for 6-7 years. Along with this, he also told that there came a time when he also thought about giving up medicines. However, she could not leave the medicines. He had to face a lot of problems.

Mahira mentioned that she got this trigger after Raees received criticism. Then she reached the doctor. After going there, Mahira was told that she has depression and since then she has been taking medicines. She also revealed that when she tried to quit the drug, she went into dark space. She could not even get up from her bed to go to the bathroom. She used to pray to Allah to show her even a little glimpse of hope. However, her medicines started again. Mahira is still taking medicines.

Please tell that Mahira’s show Humsafar was very popular both in Pakistan and India.

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