Ileana d’cruz is unable to work during pregnancy, this happened in the 9th month

Ileana dcru’z Pregnancy: Ileana D’cruz has been making headlines for a long time regarding her pregnancy. The actress has been sharing her beautiful pictures with fans ever since she announced her pregnancy. Ileana is about to become a mother and now her 9th month is going on. Now Ileana has shared her recent picture. In which his condition is visible. Along with this, Ileana also shared why she is unable to work now.

Not able to work due to fatigue
Ileana D’Cruz Recently shared one of his latest pictures in Instagram story. In which she is seen in a no-makeup look. The actress is wearing a tank top during this time. In which her baby bump is being flaunted. Along with this picture, the actress wrote in the caption, ‘I have some work to do but this fatigue of nine months is really bothering me.’

Ileana sometimes does not feel well
Ileana had earlier also shared a post in which she wrote, ‘I just want to say this I like the change that has happened in my body in the last few months. This is a wonderful, wonderful and lovely journey. And yes, I’m human and there are days when I don’t feel good, but I have wonderful support and people who love me and remind me that I’m still a little human inside of me. Am. So weight doesn’t matter and stay happy and healthy, listen to your body, and do what feels right.’

Boyfriend’s name not revealed
Ileana has not yet revealed the name of her boyfriend. However, since the announcement of her pregnancy, fans want to know the name of her boyfriend.

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