Gulzar Birthday: How did the garage mechanic make cinema ‘Gulzar’?

Gulzar Unknown Facts: Born on 18 August 1934 in Jhelum district (now part of Pakistan), the whole story of Sampooran Singh Kalra becoming Gulzar is no less than magic. He sometimes told the heart to be a child and sometimes told the reason for not being angry with life. In the Birthday Special, we are introducing you to those stories from the life of the magician of the pen, which he has kept in his heart. 

I fell in love with Ghazal-Nazm like this

The story of how Gulzar fell in love with Ghazals and Nazms, who narrates the tears of pain in every word, this story is also special in itself. It so happened that Gulzar, who came to India from Jhelum after losing everything in the Gadar of 1947, when he reached Delhi, his studies started in a school.  During that time his attachment towards Urdu started increasing. His closeness with Ghalib increased so much that he fell in love with Ghalib and his poetry. This love affair of Gulzar continues unabated. 

The pain of partition is visible in poetry

The thing to note is that the pain of partition is clearly visible in the words that came out of Gulzar’s pen. Apart from this, he describes himself as a cultural Muslim, the main reason for which is the confluence of Hindi and Urdu. The magic of Gulzar’s voice was such that 18-year-olds and 80-year-olds sat together listening to his poems and praising them. 

This is how he entered cinema

Keep this pain hidden in the heart

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