Flash Back Friday: When Manisha Koirala fell in love with already married Nana Patekar, love could not blossom because of this actress.

Flash Back Friday: Nana Patekar is considered a versatile actor of Bollywood. He has created his own identity in Hindi cinema with his strong acting. Due to his different style of speaking dialogues, he became quite popular in the 90s. Many of his films were hits at that time. Along with the different characters he played in films, his love life was also discussed a lot.

Nana Patekar’s relationship with the then veteran actress Manisha Koirala was also in the news. But the love of this couple could not blossom. After all, what was the reason for this? Today in the story of Flashback Friday we will tell you that  What happened between Nana Patekar and Manisha, who loved each other very much, that they could not be each other?

How the love story of Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala started
It was the year 1996, the film ‘Agnisakshi’ was being shot and Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala were in lead roles in the film. Were. During the shooting of the film, Nana had fallen in love with Nepali beauty Manisha, while Manisha was recovering from the pain of breakup with Vivek Mushran at that time. Manisha was getting full signals from her maternal grandfather, so the actress also got inclined towards him and it did not take long for their love to blossom. Now the secret love story of both of them had started. Both of them started going on dates secretly.

Nana and Manisha were in their love boat and during this time the couple came across Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Khamoshi. This film was released in 1996. By then, their love stories had also started being heard with much fanfare in the Bollywood corridors. This news became more concrete when Manisha’s neighbors confirmed that Nana was seen leaving the actress’s house several times in the morning.

Nana Patekar was over positive about Manisha
Nana and Manisha loved each other but both were very angry. Many times they were found fighting with each other in public. It is said that Nana had become over-possessive about Manisha and he started raising objections even when Manisha was given intimate scenes with co-actors. They even started raising objections about Manisha’s clothes. Manisha was fed up with Nana’s excessive talking and then the distance between them increased. Now Manisha started feeling that the journey of life with Nana could not be carried forward. However, she still wanted to give their relationship a chance.

Ayesha Julka became the reason for Nana-Manisha’s breakup
The interesting thing is that when Nana was dating Manisha, he was not only already married but was also the father of two children. . But he lived separately from his wife. Despite this, he was in a state of confusion about taking seven rounds with Manisha. Meanwhile, there was a big upheaval in the relationship between Nana and Manisha when the actress caught Nana Patekar with Ayesha Julka in a closed room. At that time Manisha was furious with anger. He had scolded Ayesha a lot and instructed her to go away from Nana.

Nana’s pain was expressed over the breakup with Manisha
At that time, Ayesha Julka was also included in the list of veteran actresses. He was very impressed by Manisha’s words. Whereas Nana was not bothered by all this nor did he try to persuade or convince Manisha. After this Manisha left Nana. Nana never said anything about the breakup with Manisha but during an interview the actor talked about it and called Manisha a sensitive actress. He said that breakup is very difficult and its pain can be understood only if you have gone through it. I can’t explain this pain. Don’t talk about it, because I miss Manisha.”

Later Manisha married a Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal, but they got divorced in 2012. Nana also started living with Ayesha Julka. But later they also separated. 

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