Film exhibitor’s anger erupted over Naseeruddin Shah’s statement, ‘Movie distributors eat a major part of the earnings’, said- ‘Half incomplete knowledge..’

Naseeruddin Shah Darinde Statement: Trade analyst and film exhibitor Akshay Rathi has fumed over Naseeruddin Shah’s controversial statement on exhibitors and distributors. After which he has told Naseeruddin Shah a lot of lies. In fact, recently Naseeruddin Shah had given a statement that film distributors and exhibitors eat a major part of the money that a superhit film earns at the box office. leaving very little for the people who really put in the effort to make the film.

Akshay Rathi got angry on Naseeruddin Shah
Akshay Rathi got angry on this statement made by Naseeruddin Shah and for this he has shared a long post on Twitter. Thanking Naseeruddin Shah for attending the Film Heritage Foundation’s award ceremony, Akshay tweeted, “Though I am really grateful to you for gracing the Film Heritage Foundation’s function where three projectionists were felicitated for their decades of service.” It is with deep regret and disappointment that I have to write this tweet. As a film exhibitor, I strongly object to this distasteful and factually incorrect statement. As people say, ignorance is dangerous, but half-incomplete knowledge is even more dangerous. Your statement, unfortunately, indicates that despite having years of experience as an artist, you are ignorant of the ground reality of the entertainment sector.’ 

Dear sahab,

While I’m truly grateful to you for gracing the @FHF_Official’s function where three projectionists (one of them being from our chain of cinemas) were felicitated for decades of their service, it’s with deep regret & disappointment, that I’m having…

— Akshaye Rathi / Akshay Rathi 🇮🇳 (@akshayerathi) July 29, 2023

He further wrote, ‘I hope you realize that the strike rate / success ratio of films made by people like you (actors to filmmakers) is less than 10% and most of the films released in theaters fail to impress the audience. Can’t even attract. Help us pay our weekly expenses (real estate, electricity, salaries, maintenance, taxes etc),” wrote Akshay, adding that when there is a blockbuster every now and then, the profits make up for the weeks’ losses.  

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