Dream Girl 2 BO Collection Day 4: Gadar 2 left sweat in front of ‘Pooja’ of ‘Dream Girl 2’, Ayushmann Khurrana’s film did a strong collection on the fourth day as well

Dream Girl 2 BO Collection Day 4: Sunny Deol’s period-drama ‘Gadar 2’ And taking on tough competition from Akshay Kumar’s comedy social film OMG 2, on August 25, Ayushmann Khurrana launched the scripted sequel of his 2019 cross-gender comedy drama ‘Dream Girl 2’ Made a comeback on the big screen with. ‘Dream Girl 2’ Ki Pooja has once again set hearts ablaze and the film is standing firm at the box office facing competition. Let’s know here ‘Dream Girl 2’ How has been the result of Monday’s test.

‘Dream Girl 2’ How much did Dream Girl 2 collect on Day 4 of its release?
‘Dream Girl 2’ is also getting a lot of love from the audience. The first day’s earnings of the film were good and on the opening weekend, it did a bumper collection. ‘Gadar 2’ already ruling the box office and ‘OMG 2’ Next to ‘Dream Girl 2’ Has also been able to touch the hearts of the audience, along with this the film is also doing great collections at the box office.

Talking about earning, ‘Dream Girl 2’ The first day’s collection was Rs 10.69 crore. On the second day, on Saturday, the film earned 14.02 crores. On the third day Sunday, the film’s collection has been 16 crores. At the same time, the initial figures of the fourth day of the film’s release have also come.

  • According to the early trend report of SacNilk, ‘Dream Girl 2’ has earned an estimated 4.70 crores on its fourth day i.e. first Monday.
  • With this ‘Dream Girl 2’ The total collection of 4 days now stands at Rs 45.41 crore.

 ‘Dream Girl 2’ Inch away from crossing 50 crores
‘Dream Girl 2’ Ayushmann Khurrana has once again managed to make the audience laugh. Low budget film  ‘Dream Girl 2’ is expected to join the 50 crore club on Tuesday. There is also a possibility of a huge jump in the film’s earnings on the Rakshabandhan holiday. In such a  ‘Dream Girl 2’ There is a good opportunity for earning. By the way, the film is also getting full benefit of mouth publicity. Whatever Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Dream Girl 2’ is a hit.

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