Anupam Kher’s anger erupted over the horrific incident in Manipur, said- ‘Such punishment should be meted out, which would make anyone shudder to think in future’

Anupam Kher Reaction On Manipur Violence: Ever since the video of the embarrassing incident of women being paraded naked from Manipur has come to the fore, there has been a sensation in the whole country. Everyone’s hair is standing on end after watching this video. Everyone is expressing anger after watching this video. Many celebs have given their response on social media. Now Anupam Kher’s name has also been included in this list. Anupam Kher has demanded the harshest punishment for those who commit this act.

Anupam Kher has shared the post on social media. He wrote – The incident of demonic attitude with two women in Manipur is shameful. A lot of anger has also awakened in my mind. I request the State Government/Central Government that those who are responsible for this heinous act should be punished severely. Such a punishment that one would shudder even to think about it in future.


Users commented
People are commenting on Anupam Kher’s post. One user wrote – Middle East punishment should be done in India too. No one would ever dare to hang him directly. At the same time, one also took a jibe at Anupam Kher. He wrote- You too slept for a long time, today you are missing Manipur, you people have got a chance to make a film.

Jaya Bachchan has also expressed her anger. Talking to the news agency ANI, he said- I felt so bad that I could not watch the entire video. Nobody cares about women. Women are being treated very badly. This is very disappointing. Every day something or the other is happening with women. This is very sad.

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