Eye Care: Dirt accumulates in the eyes as soon as you wake up in the morning, so this is not normal! serious infection can also occur

Eye Care Tips: Sleep works to refresh the heart, mind and all parts of the body. If sleep is disturbed then many types of diseases make a home in the body. Hypertension, anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes are among these. Sleeping is very important to stay fit. Usually, when we wake up in the morning, dirt i.e. something like mud accumulates on the eyes. Usually a person washes his face and cleans it or wipes it with his hands. But do you know that the dirt you are cleaning with your hands. At the same time, dirt can be the root of serious infection in the eyes. Let’s try to know what harm does the dirt accumulated in the eyes do?   

What is dirt

Some people also call the dirt that accumulates in the eyes in the morning. It is prepared by a mixture of crusts, mucus, oil released from the skin, tears coming during sleep. This is an indication that the eyes are completely healthy. 

Why does it accumulate at night

This dirt accumulates in the eyes at night? Why does it get accumulated? There is a logic hidden behind this too. Actually, throughout the day, the dirt keeps on getting cleaned by blinking repeatedly and the tears coming. No such process takes place during the night. Due to working of gravity force, it starts accumulating on the edges of the eyelids. 

But if this is the case then the problem is serious

Mud comes out from the eyes. Its color is white and some cream colored. But if its color is changing, then it is an indication of eye disease. The color of the dirt changes due to bacterial conjunctivitis, any kind of eye infection, allergies or other problems. There is a problem of sticking in the eyes.

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