Exclusive: Assad had made a plan to attack Atiq’s convoy, know full details

Assad  (Asad Ahmed Encounter) And his accomplice Ghulam was in the process of attacking Atiq Ahmed’s convoy. According to top sources, Asad and Ghulam had a plan to fire a few rounds at the convoy. Actually the security of the convoy was very high, so both of them had planned to fire only a few rounds. Leaving Atiq Ahmed was not included in his plan. They wanted that the sensation of firing on the convoy should spread and the UP government could be discredited. Along with this, questions should be raised on Atiq’s safety and he should stop coming to UP from Sabarmati Jail.

changed locations several times

After the Umesh Pal murder case, keeping Asad and shooter Ghulam safe had become a challenge for Atiq and Ashraf. Atiq had also taken the help of some of his acquaintances in hiding him. Umesh Pal was murdered on 24 February. After that Asad was hiding in a house in Prayagraj one day. Then on 26 February he came to Kanpur by bike. From there, on February 28, he came to Delhi’s Anand Vihar bus stand by bus. Then stayed in Jamia Nagar and Sangam Vihar in Delhi.

Asad left for Ajmer on 15 March. Then went to Mumbai and from there went to Nashik, then went to Kanpur and then Jhansi. He stayed at all these places for many days. During this he never traveled by train. He did most of the journey by bus or other vehicles. During this, he had traveled about 4000 kms.

At the same time, a person named Haider helped him hide in Delhi. Who is currently lodged in Bareilly Jail. Three of Haider’s acquaintances have been arrested from Delhi.

It is noteworthy that in the Umesh Pal murder case, the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh Police has killed Asad, son of mafia Atiq Ahmed and his aide in an alleged encounter yesterday in Jhansi.

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