Evergreen and most handsome hero is Devanand, seeing 80 unseen pictures, fans will say – there is no competition even today

Devanand, whom the entire Bollywood knows by the name of Evergreen Dev, never appeared in front of anyone unprepared. It was said for him that he used to get ready first after waking up in the morning. Grooming his hair, putting on his favorite cap and only then used to leave the room. For him, the eyes of his fans were no less than a camera, which he never thought fit to face in a chaotic condition. He always wanted to maintain his evergreen image. But a camera is just a camera. Who knows when to capture what. Some similar pictures of Devanand are also available on YouTube which you have rarely seen before.

funny jokes with friends

By the way, it has always been the endeavor of Dev Saheb that he should appear tip top and handsome in front of the camera. There is no doubt that he was successful in this endeavor as well. But Devanand’s cool style was also visible with friends. You can see some such pictures on YouTube. In one of which Devanand is seen eating something from Dilip Kumar’s plate. It seems that Dilip Kumar is busy in something else and Devanand is silently eating something from his plate. You will also see some of his best and unseen photos with Raj Kapoor in this video. He will also be seen interacting with some playback singers and composers.

Devanand looked like this with his wife

Devanand married his co-actress Kalpana Karthik on the sets itself. The story of their marriage was also very interesting. After getting a break from a shoot, both of them got married and kept this news hidden for months. This is the reason why no picture of Devanand and Kalpana Karthik’s wedding is visible, but there are some pictures of both of them together. Which you can see in this video.

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