Why did Shahrukh Khan go bald in the film Jawan? The superstar replied, saying- Bald men love girls…

New Delhi. Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’ is maintaining its hold at the box office. The film released on 7th September has reached close to Rs 400 crores. There is a huge craze among the fans regarding the film. Shahrukh Khan’s fans are very impressed by his different style in the film. Everyone was stunned to see the bald look of Shahrukh Khan in the film. He was looking very dangerous in his looks. Now after the success of the film, King Khan talked about his bald look. He told why he chose this look in the film.

Shahrukh Khan recently made many interesting revelations about his bald look while talking to IMDb. In a conversation, when Shahrukh Khan was asked why he chose the bald look to look dangerous in the film, he said that he chose this look due to laziness so that he could save time while doing the two-hour shoot. He said, ‘Just to explain this, it was never part of the script. It was a part of the get-up which was part of the script. I chose the bald look just out of laziness. I said, ‘Yes, then I don’t need to do this makeup for 2 hours. I can go bald?’ I think it stemmed from that.

Shahrukh also shared what his reaction was when some of his friends saw him bald in the promo of the film. King Khan said, ‘I had reservations because I showed the promo to some friends and they said, ‘Oh no! This looks very scary. Girls won’t like you. So I hope girls will like me. I hope girls like bald men. I like bald girls.

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