When the famous director got angry with Rajesh Khanna, didn’t work after the superhit film, said- ‘I can’t do chamchagiri’

New Delhi. Rajesh Khanna was a big star in those days. Had there been an entry in his film, there would have been a queue of big financiers. He was giving hit films one after the other and became the first choice of every filmmaker. After marriage in 1972, Yash Chopra, who was known as ‘King of Romance’, decided to do something of his own. He had learned the nuances of direction by working with his brother. It was during this period that he laid the foundation of his banner, Yash Raj Films. Under this banner, he announced the production of the first film ‘Daag’. Like other directors, Rajesh Khanna was his first choice and he convinced him for the film.

Yash Chopra had given many hit films with his brother BR Chopra, but he had no identity apart from BR Films. This is the reason when he announced to make ‘Daag’. The film was announced but no one was found to invest money in the film. In such bad times, Rajesh Khanna came forward to help the director and he signed his film absolutely free of cost. But after this film, Yash Chopra never worked with the actor again. Why he did this was disclosed by Yash Chopra himself.

Poem of love given to ‘Daag’
Rajesh Khanna was a big star in those days. As soon as the news became common that Rajesh Khanna would be seen in Yash Chopra’s film, financiers queued up. The film was completed and the film was released in 1973. The film proved to be a hit at the box office. With this, the director’s vehicle started moving. The pair of Rajesh and Sharmila were going superhit in those days, while Rakhi had entered the new film industry. Daag, the first film under the banner of Yash Raj Films, was named Poem of Love.

After ‘Daag’ both did not work
Even after the film became a hit, it proved to be the last film of Rajesh and Yash. Both were never seen together after ‘Daag’. The reason behind this was told by the director himself. He had said during an interview that my relationship with Kaka never deteriorated.

Why Yash Chopra did not do film with Rajesh Khanna
Sagar Sarhadi, writer of ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ and ‘Silsila’ once said, asked Yash Chopra that once you made a good film ‘Daag’ with Rajesh Khanna… after that why don’t you make another film with him? In response to this, he had said, ‘It is very difficult to work with Rajesh Khanna… He invites every producer to his house and drinks alcohol for hours. Till he himself does not sleep, the producers also have to give presence. Then he is going to Madras, so everyone used to reach the airport to drop him and when he returned, they would receive him. Sagar Sarhadi had told that Yash Sahab had said that I cannot do all this work. It is not in my capacity to fulfill the demand of a superstar.

When Kaka said, Yash is not a good director…
On the other hand, when Sagar Sarhadi met Rajesh Khanna once in Khandala, he asked the same question to him as well. Responding to which Kaka had said, ‘Yash is not a good director. He works hard. From morning till night… I cannot work so hard.

Kaka worked with many directors
Yash Chopra did only one film with Rajesh Khanna. At the same time, there were directors like J Om Prakash, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Shakti Samant who did not one but many films with Kaka. Which also rocked the box office.

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