When the director said in the middle of the shooting, ‘This actor has finished’, the same film created history, the industry got a superstar

New Delhi. The film of Hindi cinema which made an actor a superstar. The film that made Kishore Kumar a super singer in Bollywood. The film which won Sharmila Tagore the only Filmfare Award for Best Actress, but the surprising thing is that the film producer and director did not want to make a new history in Hindi cinema. The film was about to be canceled even before it was made. However, when the shooting started, the director was not happy with the actor’s work and said – ‘This actor is finished’.

This film story is related to the 1969 film, which raised the flag of success. During the shooting of the film, the director and the director had told the lead hero of the film that ‘this actor is over’, the same actor with his tremendous talent had made the fans his admirer after this film and became a superstar. Were.

‘Aradhana’ made Kaka a superstar
Were you able to guess the name of the film, if not, then let us tell you all about the film, which you might not be aware of. Talking about the film ‘Aradhana’ released 54 years ago. Rajesh Khanna has worked in many blockbuster films during his time. He has many such excellent characters, which made the actor a superstar in the industry. ‘Aradhana’ is the same film, due to which Kaka became a superstar.

‘Aradhana’ was running in theaters for 50 weeks during that period.

When Kaka’s 3 consecutive films flopped and…
Rajesh Khanna had worked with Shakti Samant in classic films like ‘Amar Prem’, ‘Aradhana’ and ‘Kati Patang’ in his acting career. But after doing the film ‘Aradhana’, it was as if Rajesh’s career got a new direction. This film proved to be the turning point for his career. This was the first time he tasted stardom. But do you know that during the shooting of the film, Rajesh Khanna had said something like this, after which the director turned red with anger and said ‘Rajesh Khanna is over now’.

Why did Shakti Samant say- ‘Rajesh Khanna is over now’
Actually, during the shooting, according to Shakti Samant, a shot was going wrong. As soon as he asked for a retake of the shot. That’s why Rajesh Khanna looked into the eyes of the director and said, ‘Nowhere else in India will give you a better performance than this.’ Shakti was shocked after hearing this from the actor and said, ‘Rajesh Khanna is over now’. He is dead, if he thinks this third rate shot is very good, then obviously his mind is not working now’.

Theaters remained housefull for many days
Let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna’s film ‘Aradhana’ was released in the year 1969, in which he was paired opposite Sharmila Tagore. People liked the story of the film so much that theaters remained houseful for many days. The film kept winning the hearts of the audience in theaters for 50 weeks.

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