When Shahrukh Khan became a hero in real life, took such a step in anger, had to go to jail, told the story himself

Mumbai. Shahrukh Khan is in the news these days about his film Jawan. Shahrukh Khan, who was seen doing powerful action and beating people in the film Jawan, has been the king of Bollywood for 30 years.

But do you know that once Shahrukh Khan also had to go to jail. Shahrukh Khan had assaulted a journalist. Due to which Shahrukh Khan had to stay in jail also. Shahrukh Khan himself shared this story in the Netflix show.

The story of going to jail is 30 years old

This story is 30 years old. In the year 2019, Shahrukh Khan was welcomed with great fanfare on the show of America’s famous TV host David Letterman. This episode was released on Netflix. During this show, Shahrukh Khan spoke openly about all the stages of his life. During this time, Shahrukh Khan had also narrated the story of his going to jail.

Shahrukh Khan says, ‘In the year 1992, a journalist had written an article against me. I became very angry after reading this. My anger was at its peak. I talked to that journalist on phone about removing that article, but he refused. So I went straight to his office and started assaulting him. After reaching the office I created a scene. After this that journalist lodged a police complaint against me. Some policemen came to arrest me from Bandra Police Station. Not only this, they even took me to the police station and put me in jail. But in jail I understood that this should not have been done.

Police released Shahrukh Khan on his request

Later, Shahrukh Khan requested the police to release him and the police also agreed. Under the agreement, Shahrukh Khan was released from jail. Actually, this whole matter is about director Ketan Mehta’s film ‘Maya Memsahab’. During this film, a magazine journalist had published an article against Shahrukh Khan. In which Shahrukh Khan was defamed. Shahrukh Khan became very angry with this article itself. In 2019, Shahrukh Khan along with David Letterman had shared this story with the fans in a funny manner.

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