When a cute baby was seen in Renuka-Ashutosh’s lap, people got confused

Mumbai. Photos of celebs are often shared on social media. Many times there are some photos which attract the users and become viral within no time. Something similar happened earlier this year with a photo of Ashutosh Rana and Renuka Shahane. This photo went viral and the reason behind it was that people could not believe their eyes. In the photo, a beautiful baby was seen in the lap of Ashutosh and Renuka.

Ashutosh Rana and Renuka Shahane are a famous couple of Bollywood and the audience likes their performance very much. Renuka and Ashutosh were married in the year 2001. Both of them have two sons, whose names are Shauryaman and Satyendra. At the beginning of the year, Renuka had shared a photo and the confusion started from here.

Confused by the caption
Renuka Shahane shared a photo on her Instagram account on the occasion of New Year. In this, she was standing with her husband Ashutosh Rana and had a beautiful baby in her lap. Along with this, Renuka wrote the caption, ‘New Year 2023 started in a magical way, in which our grandson Samdarsh ​​Sahane was with us. Thank you Shashwat Shahane and Shayli for spending time with us. family is everything. Best wishes to everyone for the New Year. Just reading this caption made people’s heads spin.

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Actually, after seeing this photo, netizens started wondering whether Ashutosh and Renuka’s children have grown so much that they have become grandparents. But later people came to know that the child seen in the lap is Samdarsh, the son of Ashutosh and Renuka’s nephew Shashwat. Shashwat along with wife Shaili and son Samdarsh ​​met Renuka-Ashutosh on New Year. During this time, the celeb couple got photographed with Samdarsh. Let us tell you that Renuka is 57 and Ashutosh is 56 years old.

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