VIDEO: Chairs moved a lot in Akshara Singh’s show, fans went uncontrollable while singing the song ‘Jaan Marey Lehenga E..’

Jaunpur. There was a huge uproar at the program of Bhojpuri cinema actress and singer Akshara Singh in Jaunpur, UP. There was a ruckus over Akshara Singh’s song in the Ganesh Utsav organized at TD College Ground. The fans went out of control as soon as the song ‘Jaan Mare Lehenga E Lucknowwa…’ was sung. During this, Akshara gave a flying kiss to the fans, on seeing which people started replying by throwing chairs at each other.

During this time many chairs were broken. Although the police administration took charge before the stampede could take place, due to the fear of chaos, Akshara Singh’s program had to be stopped for some time. The incident took place at TD College Ground in Jaunpur, where a riot was avoided late on Wednesday night. According to the information, Akshara Singh’s stage show was going on on the occasion of Ganpati festival. As soon as Akshara Singh started singing the famous song ‘Jaan Marey Lehenga E Lucknowwa…’, the chairs in the pandal started moving.

Apart from more than 300 bouncers and CO, the police force of half a dozen police stations could not do anything. Ultimately Akshara Singh’s stage show had to be stopped. People believed that obscene songs were being sung in the Ganesh Utsav, while on the other hand, ordinary people appeared in the pandal of Lord Ganesha for darshan and worship and a crowd of thousands of people gathered in front of the show stage away from the pandal for a glimpse. . An attempt was made to contact the organizers on this matter but no one talked to the media.

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