The third woman in Rajesh Khanna’s life, who took advantage of her drunken uncle, then did ‘betrayal’

Rajesh Khanna and Devyani Chaubal Relationship – Rajesh Khanna has been that star of Hindi cinema, in whose personal and professional life both his fans have been very interested. In 1973, Rajesh Khanna made Dimple Kapadia, 15 years younger than himself, his wife. At the same time, in his life, actress Anju Mahendru was always associated with love. Even when Dimple decided to leave Rajesh Khanna after 10 years of marriage and live separately with her two daughters, Anju Mahendru was still in Rajesh’s life. But apart from Anju and Dimple, there was also a third woman who deeply touched Rajesh Khanna’s life. This woman, who came with the dream of becoming a heroine, was crazy about Dilip Kumar, but after growing close to Rajesh Khanna, this woman loved him openly. This was the woman, whose one deception had broken Rajesh Khanna even inside.

Whom Dharmendra ran on the streets of Mumbai to beat
Apart from Anju Mahendru and Dimple Kapadia, this third woman was Devyani Chaubal, who was feared in Hindi cinema in the 70’s and 80’s. Devyani Chaubal was a journalist by profession and it was Devyani who brought the trend of ‘gossip journalism’ in the world of cinema. His column named ‘Frankly Speaking’ was widely read in film circles and in the world of English journalism, ‘Yellow Journalism’ was started by this Devyani in India. It was Devyani who made Rajesh Khanna and Dimple wear Sehra at the time of their marriage. It is said that when she used to write for someone in her column, she used to spew venom. Actors were afraid of coming on his target, but the problem is that no one could harm him. Devyani was from a very good family and there were many barristers in her family. This is the same Devyani, who broke the news of Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s affair and their ‘secret marriage’ in the media and Dharmendra got so angry with Devyani’s column about him that he followed Devyani on the road for a long distance. ran to kill…

Devyani Chaubal with actors Amjad Khan and Vidya Sinha. (Photo courtesy @FilmHistoryPic)

Rajesh Khanna was called ‘superstar’ for the first time
There are many such stories of Devyani. But Devayani, who started the gossip column in the name of journalism, had a special love for Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna and Devyani were very close. It is said that Rajesh Khanna was first given the status of ‘superstar’ by Devyani in her column. Rajesh Khanna also considered him very close to him. But a deception of Devyani had filled Rajesh Khanna with hatred against her. Talking about the close women of his life, Rajesh Khanna once talked about Devyani in an interview given to Stardust magazine.

a betrayal and a broken relationship
Rajesh Khanna said in this interview, ‘She was my close friend and will always be a friend. She was very lively, lovely and had a strong pen. I can never deny this. He has supported me a lot in my success and has played an important role. But it all went to waste when one day Devi was at home with me and some of my close friends. We were all drinking and sharing very personal things from our lives. Next week I saw, all this was written in his column. Instead of apologizing for all this, he told me, ‘But I am a journalist first’. I haven’t talked to him since then. He is ill and is in the hospital but I did not go to meet him. I may have forgiven him but I cannot forget anything. Sorry, but I am not God. On the other hand, talking about Devyani, she herself once wrote that Rajesh Khanna is the only star with whom she has made a relationship.

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