The taste of Kaithal Tikki has not changed since 35 years, today the second generation is working

Kairicha Dhiman / Kaithal. There are many places in Thal city for people who are fond of chaat, but people come here from far and wide to taste Brijwasi Tikki in the main market of the city. Tikki shop was started 35 years ago by Deendayal Sharma after coming from Rajasthan but now second generation is running it. Deendayal Sharma has passed away but his three sons have taken care of this legacy of their father and are still providing the same taste to the people as it used to be at that time. Although, the price of Brijwasi’s Tikki 35 years back was only Rs.2, but now as time has changed, now that Tikki has become Rs.30 but its taste is the same. Brijwasi’s tikki has a taste of 35 years which compels people to come from far and wide to taste it. Every evening there is a crowd of people to eat Tikki at the shop. Along with Tikki, the taste of Golgappas and Dahi Bhalla is also unique here. If you pass by this shop, you will not be able to live without eating.

This is the specialty of their tikkis
First potatoes are boiled and then chickpeas are prepared by boiling peas and coarse gram. After boiling the potato, it is ground. Potato tikkis are fried in ghee. Tomatoes, green coriander and green chillies are chopped and mixed in green chutney. Tikki is decorated with finely chopped onions and tomatoes. After that curd is added according to those who are fond of eating curd. After that the sweet chutney made by them is added to the tikki, only then the taste of the tikki becomes wonderful. Their specialty is that they prepare all the things themselves and do not bring chutney or sauce from the market. Their tikkis are slightly crispy and become even more delicious by adding papdi. As this shop is famous because of Tikki, but the taste of Dahi Bhalla and Golgappa at their shop is also excellent. These things were also started by Deendayal Sharma about 35 years ago but their tikkis are special because of which Brijwasi is known.


FIRST PUBLISHED : September 02, 2023, 18:38 IST

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