The actor bore the pain of Indo-Pak partition, made a mark on the basis of his performance, his son has ‘fateful enmity’ with Salman Khan

New Delhi. An actor entered the Bollywood industry during the 70s. This actor worked as a villain, supporting roles and as a lead actor. At that time, when stars like Mithun Chakraborty and Amitabh Bachchan were on top, this star gave tough competition to the rising stars with his entry. In a career spanning 45 years, this actor, who brought smiles on the faces of millions of people in Bollywood, had worked hard to make his mark on the strength of his strong acting and unmatched voice.

Be it the lead actor or actress in the films, 70 percent of the credit goes to them for the film being a hit, but the truth is that any film is incomplete without villains and character roles. There are many actors and actresses in Bollywood, who have proved their mettle with their performances. But there is also a hero who was born in a rich family and spent his childhood in a refugee camp. When he grew up, he reached Mayanagari with 400 rupees to make his dreams come true.

survived by eating sugar-bread
We are talking about Bollywood actor Suresh Oberoi, who was born on 17 December 1946 in Quetta, Pakistan. Suresh Oberoi’s father had a substantial real estate business in Pakistan. But a year after Suresh was born, his family moved to India. His family moved from Quetta, Pakistan to Hyderabad during the India-Pakistan partition. During that time he had to live in a refugee camp. There was not even dal-rice and roti to eat. In such a situation, he had to live only by eating sugar and bread.

When father returned to Pakistan after becoming a Muslim
Suresh Oberoi’s childhood days were spent in extreme poverty, he told during an interview that we were the youngest of four siblings. When the condition worsened in the refugee camp and it became difficult to survive, his father somehow showed courage to go to Pakistan. Somehow he went there as a Muslim and somehow he sold the property and business there. Then again he came to India and with that money his father established his house in India.

Supporting roles brought recognition
With just Rs 400 in his pocket, he had come to Mayanagari Mumbai to try his luck in the acting world. Suresh Oberoi made his debut in 1977 with the film ‘Jeevan Mukta’. He played the lead actor in the film ‘Ek Baar Phir’ released in the year 1980. He did many films as a lead actor, but when the films did not work, he focused on supporting roles and his career took off. People came to know him from films like ‘Lawaris’, ‘Vidhata’, ‘Namak Halal’, ‘Kamchor’.

marriage before career start
Suresh Oberoi had settled his house even before his career started. He married Yashodhara on 1 August 1974 in Madras. His wife is from a Punjabi family. Couple’s son’s name is Vivek Oberoi who is an actor and daughter’s name is Meghna Oberoi.

Son has staunch enmity with Salman Khan
Suresh’s son Vivek had a successful start to his career, but he ended everything by hooking up with Salman Khan. The names of Vivek and Salman figure in the list of arch enemies of Bollywood.

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