Such a craze for Gadar movie that ‘Gadar Seth’ got its name, now the son has done this amazing thing!

Shubham Marmot / Ujjain: mutiny! It is not just a movie but has become an emotion for Indians. People are going on their respective tractors to watch this movie. One such act was done by a youth from Madhya Pradesh. This young man decided to show GADAR 2 to the entire village in memory of his father. What was it then, the villagers rode on their respective tractors and went to watch the film. Let’s know the whole story behind it….

Laxminarayan Jat, living in Bakania village of Ghatiya tehsil of Ujjain district, was a huge fan of Sunny Deol. Lakshminarayan Jat was so impressed with Sunny Deol’s character of Gadar that he got photo graphs made in Sunny Deol’s style. The villagers used to call him by the name of Gadar Seth. Lakshminarayan was desperate to see Gadar-2, but in the meantime he passed away.

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Gadar Seth’s son did this when Gadar-2 came

To fulfill his father’s dream, Laxmi Narayan’s son Dharmendra Jat decided to show Sunny Deol’s Gadar-2 to the entire village and went to Ujjain’s Cosmos Mall to book PVR, but booking tickets for so many people at once Could not happen. After this, Dharmendra booked tickets at Moti PVR located in Saver and went to the cinema hall to watch the rural film with the DJ playing the songs of the film Gadar-2.

Gadar film used to run throughout the day in the village

Dharmendra Jat told that father late Lakshminarayan Jat saw Sunny Deol’s film Gadar in 2001, since then he became his big fan. After this, during the same period, father used to go to watch Gadar film daily. Sometimes he would take a friend, sometimes he would take someone else from the village. Even after this, father’s fascination for the film did not diminish. At that time, he got a TV and VCR installed in the village temple, where Gadar film was played throughout the day. Seeing his father’s attachment to the film Gadar, the villagers named him Gadar Seth.

Villagers arrived on tractors to watch Gadar-2 film

Hundreds of people riding on more than 40 tractors from Bakaniya village of Ghattiya Assembly Constituency reached the cinema hall at Saver to watch Gadar 2 movie. Giving information, Gram Panchayat Secretary Jitendra Singh Solanki said that there was Lakshminarayan Jat in the village who was also known as Gadar Seth. 2 films were shown.

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