Song made in celebration of Chandrayaan-3, people gave a lot of love, views crossed 3 lakh, watch video

Mumbai. India recently surprised the whole world with the success of its Chandrayaan-3 mission. The entire country celebrated this successful mission of India. The music directors of the country also did not lag behind in this matter. Music veteran Vineet Singh Hukmani has also released a video song celebrating this immense success of India. The name of this song is ‘ISRO India Ka Asli Hero’. Recently, this song was released by Vineet Singh on YouTube.

This song has received more than 3 lakh views so far. Also, people have given a lot of love to this song. Vineet Singh Hukmani has composed many songs before this. But this is the first song in Hindi dedicated to celebrating the success of ISRO. Vineet Singh has dedicated this song to the hard work and wisdom of India’s hero scientists. Vineet Singh Hukmani has been working in the world of music for a long time. Before this, he kept listening to music on radio for about 10 years.

The album was liked all over the world

Now Hukmani makes his own songs. Earlier, Vineet Singh had released an album of 9 songs. This album was highly praised at the universal level. Giving a new twist to his music, Vineet Singh has dedicated his new song to ISRO. ISRO Chief has also praised the song by commenting on this song. Vineet Singh has been working in the world of music for a long time. In the year 2002, after studying from Harvard Business School, he started working in the world of music. Recently, Vineet Singh’s ‘9’ album has also been accepted for submission to the Grammy Awards.

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