RDX… You must have heard the name, it became a tsunami at the box office. The film, made with a budget of Rs 8 crore, has earned Rs 80 crore.

Mumbai: Recently, many South Indian films were released which made huge profits at the box office. KGF, Jailor and Pushpa were among these films, whose success shook the entire box office. These films created a lot of buzz among the audience. After the tsunami of films like KGF, Kantara, Jailer, now another South Indian film is hitting the theatres. This film, which came without any fanfare, has created such a stir at the box office that it is being talked about everywhere. This film is getting a lot of support from the audience, due to which this modest film made with a budget of Rs 8 crore has earned more than Rs 80 crore at the box office.

After powerful films like Jailor, Pushpa, KGF and Virupaksha, now a South Indian film named ‘RDX: Robert Donny Xavier’ is hitting the theatres. This is a Malayalam film, which was released in theaters on 25 August. The film was made with a budget of around Rs 8 crores and till now has earned almost 10 times more than its budget. You heard it right, this film which came without much fanfare has so far earned almost 10 times more than its budget.

Not only this, the earning trend of RDX has not stopped yet. The film has collected around Rs 75 lakh on the 23rd day of its release in India and slowly but surely it has crossed the figure of Rs 80 crore. The story of the film revolves around Robert, Xavier and Robert’s brother Donny. Whose family also gets along well. Xavier’s father Antony, Robert and Donny’s father Philip are also good friends. Robert, Xavier and Donny are always embroiled in fights, which upsets their families a lot. The story revolves around these three.

RDX: Robert Donny is directed by Xavier Nayas Hidayat. The producers of the film are Manuel Cruz Darwin, Anjana Abraham, Nahas Hidayat and Sophia Paul and it stars Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam and Neeraj Madhav in lead roles. Apart from this, Mahima Nambiar, Aima Rosmi, Sebastian, Lal, Babu Antonys, Mala Parvati and Baiju are also in important roles in RDX. The film was released on the occasion of Onam, which proved to be a blockbuster.

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