Rajinikanth is scared of the success of ‘Jailer’, can’t sleep due to tension, scared remembering 28 years old things!

New Delhi. After the super-duper success of the film ‘Jailer’, released on August 10, megastar Rajinikanth has had sleepless nights. He is unable to sleep due to worries. He himself has disclosed this. Recently, he made many revelations about his personal and professional life in the success meet of ‘Jailor’. He told in this meeting why he is scared after the success of ‘Jailor’. Along with this, while terming his film as average, he praised the camera man and technician team associated with this film.

In the success meet, the megastar remembered the days of his blockbuster film ‘Baasha’. This film was released in 1995. That year his film made a lot of headlines by earning bumper at the box office. Rajinikanth’s stardom was on cloud nine because of this blockbuster film. Now, 28 years after ‘Baasha’, his film Jailer proved to be the biggest film of his career. In such a situation, he is afraid that when and how will he give a film equal to this film.

Just felt happiness for five days
According to the report, Rajinikanth said that after the tremendous success of the film Jailer, his happiness lasted only for five days. He said, ‘After the success of the film, I always remain in fear that how will I achieve a film bigger than this or equal to it in the future. I remain worried wondering whether my future projects will get the same success or greater success? I am really very scared.

High praise for the jailer’s team
Apart from this, while talking to Galata.com, Rajinikanth praised Anirudh Ravichander, the music director of the film Jailer. He said that before the re-recording, the film was average but Anirudh Ravichander’s music made the film a blockbuster. The film before re-recording was also average for me. However, the way Anirudh picked up the film was ‘My God’. After make-up, she transformed the jailer like a new bride. After this, Rajinikanth praised all the team working on Jailer and thanked them for making such a wonderful film.

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