PICS: After a long wait, this South actress met ‘Pathaan’ Shahrukh Khan, did a tight hug and told everything that ..

Shahrukh khan: The name Shahrukh is enough and he does not need any introduction. He is a self-made star of the Indian film industry whose background had nothing to do with cinema. Actor’s stardom is discussed in every corner of the world but these days he is in controversies regarding Pathan. While raising questions on the title of the film ‘Besharam’, many are objecting to her co-star Deepika Padukone wearing a saffron colored bikini. However, they live forever in the hearts of some people. In this era when netizens are boycotting Bollywood and have started liking South. But do you know that the people of South cinema are also very fond of Shahrukh and today we are telling you about a big fan of King Khan, who spends her life on SRK, while she herself is an actress. When she met for the first time, she wanted to say everything that was in her heart.

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