One superstar and the other biggest villain, the makers were afraid to cast both of them together, you will be shocked to know the reason

New Delhi, Rajesh Khanna touched heights in his era and along with his acting, he won everyone’s heart with his charm. He is also called the first superstar. At one time, the makers used to yearn to cast him in their films. His fee was also very high. Where on one side these big superstars dominated, on the other hand the biggest villains of the industry also used to charge huge fees. This was the reason that it is not easy for any maker to cast both together. But let’s know who was that villain.

One superstar and the other biggest villain. In fact, where Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of the industry at that time, Pran Saheb was also a big star. Pran was such an actor, who had to charge huge fees for his villainy. In those days, the robe and talk that Pran used to do in villainy, that thing did not happen in any other actor. At that time, Rajesh Khanna increased his fees after the success of the film ‘Aradhana’ and he started charging up to Rs 20 lakh for a film. Makers used to cast him in their films for the success of their films.

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Makers did not cast both together
If seen today, two or three big stars are often seen together in films. But this was not the case in earlier times. At the time of Rajesh Khanna and Pran Saheb, people used to be afraid to cast both of these successful heroes and villains together in the same film, most of the producer directors used to take only one of these two in their film. Although they worked together in many successful films, but despite this, the producers did not cast the two together.

The huge fees of both were the main reason
Both Pran and Rajesh Khanna were big stars of their times. While Rajesh Khanna used to charge huge fees as a star, Pran used to earn a lot as a villain. He was paid a hefty fee for his amazing villainy. Both Pran and Rajesh Khanna were the highest paid actors in their era. After the box-office success of his film ‘Aradhana’, Rajesh Khanna increased his fees and used to charge around Rs 20 lakh for a film, which was very high in those days. Despite the high fees, producers used to cast him to make their films successful.

Let us tell you that this was the reason that both Pran and Rajesh Khanna’s films proved to be super hit at the box office, despite this the producers did not want to take them together in a film. The fees of both of them were so high that the budget of the film used to increase considerably after casting both of them. Despite this, Rajesh Khanna and Pran worked together in many films like Durga, Jaanwar, Bae Hath Ka Khel, Maryada and Bewafai in their acting career, their films were tremendous hits at the box-office.

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