New version of ‘Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan’ out, this singer giving competition to Malini Awasthi, added Bhojpuri and Awadhi flavor

Mumbai. Bhojpuri and Awadhi singer Malini Awasthi gained a lot of popularity by singing ‘Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan’. This is the most favorite folk song of Bhojpuri-Awadhi. Many singers have sung it in their own style. But no singer has been able to beat Malini in singing this song. Now Saiyan Mile Ladkiyan has been recreated. In the recreated version of the song, Hindi, Awadhi and Bhojpuri are sung together. Not only this, the song has also been adapted according to today’s youth. Its video version beats even the best music videos.

The recreated version of ‘Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan’ has very clean content. It is sung by Bhojpuri singer Priya Malik. It has been remixed beautifully. On hearing and watching it, you will also remember the song sung by Malini Awasthi. It may have been recreated, but its feel is the same old and beautiful.

The recreated version of ‘Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan’ has been released a day earlier on the Bhojpuri YouTube channel. You will get lost in this song as soon as you listen to this song. The lyrics of this song were written by Santosh Puri while its music was given by LK Laxmikant. The picturization of the song is also amazing. The young generation of Bhojpuria Jowar will definitely find it attractive.

Priyan San and Sumeet Lalwani have performed in the song ‘Saiyan Mile Ladkaiyaan’. The best chemistry of both is being seen in this. It has been directed by Adil Khan. Shailendra Dwivedi’s Bhojpurit is working from foreign land Singapore itself to bring more than one excellent content in Bhojpuri and in the same direction this is the first song whose video feet have also become very good.

In the lyrics of this song, you will find such a mix tadka of Bhojpuri, Awadhi and Hindi that you will not be able to live without listening to it completely. Overall, this is a great effort towards bringing change.

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