Never want to meet Shah Rukh Khan, his lookalike Ibrahim Qadri himself revealed

Ibrahim Qadri On Shah Rukh Khan: King Khan of Bollywood is known worldwide for his special style. Fans like Shahrukh Khan a lot. There are crores of fans of Shahrukh Khan. Along with Shahrukh Khan, his lookalikes are equally loved by the fans. The life of Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalike Ibrahim Qadri is not a story from a movie. Many reels of Ibrahim go viral on social media. Fans get cheated many times between Ibrahim and Shahrukh Khan. Recently, a video of him went viral on social media in which he was seen spreading his arms like Shahrukh Khan at the airport. Ibrahim has not met Shahrukh till date and has revealed that he does not even want to meet King Khan.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Ibrahim said- I did not take equality seriously earlier. It was only after Raees that I took it seriously. I resemble Shahrukh sir only 10 percent, but then I worked on my body and hair, mannerisms. Now I would say it is 30 per cent. It will take a long time to look like them now.

invite people to the event
Ibrahim further said – people from all over the world invite him to the event. Their life has become easy and comfortable than before but everything has a price. It has become difficult for me to go in the crowd, people start considering me as original. I get love but my work becomes difficult day by day. Shopkeepers charge more than me and say oh brother, you are Shah Rukh Khan, how can I explain to them. Also, now I am feeling the weight of it. I have to keep in mind that I should not do anything which will harm the image of Shahrukh Khan. He is a global star. I have to keep security with me many times.

do not want to meet shahrukh khan
Ibrahim, who looks like Shah Rukh Khan, has not met Aaj Tak King Khan and does not even have the desire. Ibrahim said in response to this – I think the day I meet the head, everything will end. When you don’t have a Ferrari, you want to have one and when you buy one, you keep it in the garage and ride around on the bike. My craze will end, my enthusiasm too. If he tells himself that he wants to meet me, I will definitely meet him, but I do not want to meet him myself.

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