Neither a big hero nor a heroine, a 5 crore movie made 50 crores without much fanfare, created panic at the box office!


Weapon Bhari Deva aims to take Sairat to the top in the long run. Baipan Bhari Deva will not face any major competition in Maharashtra till the release of Rocky and Rani’s love story. The film is still far away from reaching the #1 spot, but the third weekend trends suggest that it has a real chance to top ‘Sairat’ and create history. The second week was 100% higher than the first week and now, the trends indicate the third week to be similar to the second week. Sairat: Rs 85 cr Ved: Rs 61 cr Baipan Bhari Deva: Rs 50 cr and is running it Samrat: Rs 42 cr Lai Bhari: Rs 37 cr

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