Neeyat Vs 72 Hoorain: These two low budget films Neeyat and 72 Hoorain did magic at the box office, earned this much in two days

Neeyat Vs 72 Hoorain Box Office Collection: Between Satyaprem Ki Katha, Spy and Carry On Jatta 3, two low budget films Neeyat, in which Vidya Balan is seen in the lead role. And 72 Hooren has been released, both of which are crime related films. She is seen collecting better than expected at the box office. At the same time, it can be estimated by looking at his two days box office collection.

Talking about the box office collection of Vidya Balan starrer Niyat, according to the initial figures, the film has earned 1.02 crores on the first day and 1.50 crores on the second day, after which the total collection of the film has become 2.52 crores. On the other hand, talking about the budget, the film has earned 35 crores.

Talking about the collection of 72 Hooren, this film, made in a budget of 10 crores, had earned 0.35 crores on the first day. While on the second day, the initial figure of 0.45 crores has come to the fore. After these figures, the collection of the film has gone up to 0.80 crores, which is looking very good for less promotion and discussion.

Significantly, Ashok Pandit’s film 72 Hooren has been in controversy regarding its story. Actually, ever since the trailer of the film was released, it had come into the limelight because it was shown in the trailer about how a person becomes a terrorist by brainwashing. While Vidya Balan’s intention was also in the news due to being a crime thriller.

How is the film ’72 Hooren’ and who are its actors?

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