Naseeruddin Shah had fallen in love with Ratna Pathak at the age of 17, now after 41 years of marriage he said – ‘My wife is Rasmalai…’

Mumbai. Naseeruddin Shah is called the king of acting. Paresh Rawal had told in an interview to Anupam Kher that when we used to struggle, we wanted to be like Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. Naseeruddin Shah used to be a master of acting during his theater days.

The budding actors of that time also dreamed of becoming like him. Even today there is no comparison to Naseeruddin Shah’s acting. Naseeruddin Shah now talks openly about the social scenario along with acting. Recently in an interview, Naseeruddin Shah discussed his personal life.

Living a happy life for 41 years

He also told the secrets of his wife and his successful married life of 41 years. Not only this, in praise of his wife Ratna Pathak, he even called her Rasmalai. Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak met during a play in the theatre. At that time Ratna was only 17 years old. Naseeruddin Shah fell in love at first sight after seeing Ratna.

After this, both of them stayed together for a long time and after 7 years of relationship, both of them got married on 12 April 1982. Both of them have been married for 41 years and are very happy. Naseeruddin Shah told in an interview given to YouTube channel ‘IMUVA’ that ‘My wife is like Rasmalai. I believe that he is smarter and more intelligent than me. Even after 41 years of marriage, I am in awe of my wife. Although she is my best friend. Our relationship has been able to survive for so long only on the fact that we are good friends.

We first met during play

Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak met during a play. Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak got a chance to work together in a play by director Satyadev Dubey. Meanwhile, Naseeruddin Shah fell in love with Ratna at first sight. At that time Ratna was only 17 years old. After this both of them became friends and later Ratna also fell in love with Naseeruddin Shah. However, Ratna Pathak Shah’s family was not ready to marry Naseeruddin Shah.

Naseeruddin Shah himself has disclosed about this. During an interview, Naseeruddin Shah said, ‘Ratna’s family was not ready to marry me. Because I was already married and used to be drunk. For this reason they were not ready. But Ratna Pathak never took all these things to heart and kept faith in her love. Not only this, Ratna Pathak broke the wall of religion and married Naseeruddin Shah. Today both are living a very happy life.

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