When the director was calling Vidya Balan alone in the hotel room, then the actress showed such cleverness to protect herself

There have been many Bollywood actresses, who have to become victims of incidents like casting couch. Some actresses keep telling about such painful incidents that happened to them. Although there are some such actresses, with whom the incident like casting couch did not happen but they had to go through a bad experience. One of them is also actress Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan has told about her bad experience when a director called her alone in a hotel room.

Vidya Balan recently gave an interview to Humans of Bombay. During this, he talked about the issue of casting couch. In such a situation, he shared his bad experience. Vidya Balan has said that she is lucky that she did not have to become a victim of casting couch. Although a director was pressurizing him to come alone to the hotel room. During this, the actress smartly left the door of the hotel room open to let the director know that the only way out was for her.

The actress said, ‘Actually I have never been involved with the casting couch. I have been very, very fortunate because I have heard horror stories, and this was the biggest fear of my parents, as they were against my joining films, but one incident happened to me… I Remember, in one of my films for which I was signed, I was meeting the director during the shooting of my ad film in Chennai. I met him at a coffee shop but he kept insisting that we go to the room and talk there.

The actress further said, ‘I did not understand, because I was alone, but I acted very cleverly. When we went into the room I left the door open and then he knew that the only way out was for him. So, I really do not believe that I have experienced the casting couch. Apart from this, Vidya Balan has talked about many other things.

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