Till date Mohsin Khan has no regrets for divorcing Reena Roy, said- my identity is Pakistan

Reena Roy was one of the famous actresses of the 70s. He had worked with many big artists. Reena Roy married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy dated each other for a long time. After this both had decided to get married. However, the marriage of Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy could not last long and both of them got divorced. Now Mohsin Khan has broken his silence on getting divorced from Reena Roy. He has said that he has no qualms about divorcing the actress.

Mohsin Khan has said this in his latest interview. He talked to Pakistani channel Zee Sports. During this, Mohsin Khan was asked whether he had any regrets regarding his marriage and divorce with Reena Roy. Now the Pakistani cricketer said, ‘I have no regrets. I married a man. I have never seen who and where he is from. But I wanted to live in Pakistan, which I chose. Even when I used to go to play in England, I used to think that living is in Pakistan.

Mohsin Khan further said, ‘Pakistan is my identity. Before marriage, I had not seen any film of Reena. No one believes this. If I was going out of the house and a scene of Amitabh Bachchan’s film was playing, we would stop and watch it. But I don’t watch any film like this. I have never been impressed by beauty, rather I like good personality. Let us tell you that Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy married in the year 1983. Then after a few years both of them got divorced. At the time of marriage, Reena Roy started working in Pakistan.

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